Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little cakes from Ottolenghi

After a long day visiting the historical sites of London I was in the mood for some sightseeing of a different kind... a visit to Ottolenghi! We stopped off at the Kensington take-out store for some treats on our way home. It was late in the day but there was still plenty on offer - both sweet and savoury - and it all looked just like it does in my Ottolenghi cookbook! I spotted a few things we'd made from the cookbook -the yummy apple & carrot muffins, chocolate fondant cake, and lots more I'm yet to try. I wish I was able to take more photos but my request to take photos inside was declined - photos were allowed to be taken only through the window.

We chose four little cakes to share between four of us - a chocolate, mascapone & raspberry tart, a chocolate & hazelnut teacake, a raspberry & white chocolate cupcake and a lemon & marscapone tart - and divided each one into quarters so we could try a lovely wee morsel of each. My favourite was the lemon tart - a very tart little tart indeed. I would love to go back for another but the store is now closed for a short summer break... probably for the best given Paris is on the menu next week.

Other (food) highlights so far... a visit to Flat White for fantastic coffee... and several visits to the local supermarket! I just love checking out supermarkets in other countries.


  1. LWD on tour! Libby this looks lovely indeed. What a shame they wouldn't let you take photos in the shop - I wonder if they have lots of requests from snap happy bloggers? I too love supermarkets in other countries - but was perhaps a bit excessive when I chose going to the supermarket over viewing the Colosseum! xx

  2. Lovely! Can't wait for Paris installment...

  3. I can't wait to see Paris either! I'm so jealous - these all look so tasty!

  4. How fab, those cakes look divine. If you can, try to get to Fauchon in Paris, also rather lovely.......very envious!

  5. Too bad they've closed for summer break but I'm sure there will be plenty of tasty things to eat in Paris! Have lots of fun and enjoy being out of winter, too :)


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