Monday, August 30, 2010

a few of our favourite things

Daisy: just loves this little piano, with all its bells and whistles. We joined the local toy library last week, and this was the first thing to catch her little eye. Daisy thinks it's super, however I think the rest of the family will be quite happy to see it returned at the end of the week....the batteries must be nearly flat with all the use it has had!

Becs: I have been enjoying this frozen Kawan parantha (roti) bread lately with curry and dhal. I first tried them at the Foodshow where I bought a couple of packets, which until recently had languished in the freezer, forgotten about. I was so impressed with them that I have already been out to restock. They cook up beautifully in a dry pan, and taste superior to any roti I have eaten at restaurants here, where they are so often doughy and undercooked. They do take a while to cook and puff up to flaky perfection (at least 5 minutes each) so you wouldn't want to cook them for a crowd unless you had a few frying pans on the go....or a BBQ hotplate would work well. I like the plain ones best but the dhal stuffed parantha are good too. I tried another brand too but was disappointed, and I see on their website that they claim to be 'the world's favourite flatbread brand' so I will be sticking to Kawan!

Miriam: I love to have a peppermint tea in the evenings. I always find it so refreshing and peppermint tea is known to help aid digestion. If it's just me, I will have a Twinings peppermint tea bag. But if I'm making a pot (well currently it's a plunger, as I donated my tea pot to the tea room at work and am yet to replace it), I like to use this peppermint tea from t leaf T. The only ingredient is dried peppermint, and it makes a delightful brew. The perfect end to the day.


  1. Gosh Daisy is getting big. I was thinking it's a good thing the piano isn't permanent and won't be coming to Noosa. Although there's probably quite a high chance that Poppa GG will find an equivalently noisy toy for Daisy (I note it was requested that we don’t have adjoining apartments)!

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