Monday, August 2, 2010

A few of our favourite things...

Miriam: I went to The Food Show on Saturday. I hadn't been to one since about 2005, and was a little skeptical as to how much I'd enjoy it - the concept of paying $22 to fight crowds for 'free' samples didn't really appeal. But we took a strategic approach and went at about 2pm, when the crowds had died down a little. And what fun we had! We feasted on fine (and some not so fine) food and washed it down with samples of wine. Here's Natalie, Jane & I enjoying Ti Point wine.

Becs: Growing up in Rotorua, the nearest mall was Bayfair at Mt Maunganui. Every now and then the family would make a shopping trip and - much to our excitement - at lunchtime Mum and Dad would give us each a $5 note to purchase the lunch of our choice from the foodcourt. Such choice! These days foodcourts are possibly my least favourite place to eat, but I do like the Sushi Express at our local Westfield, and have been enjoying these rice balls lately. Sticky, seasoned sushi rice enclosing a generous filling of teriyaki chicken and avocado. Delicious and very easy to eat on the run, therefore enabling me to avoid having to sit in the foodcourt!

Libby: I been wanting to pay a visit to Cafe Polo in Miramar since reading Millie from GustyGourmet's post. We had one failed attempt - turning up on a Sunday to find Cafe Polo is closed on Sundays and Mondays. This time we went on a Saturday and I even made a reservation as I didn't want to miss out a second time! I had the hash browns with roasted tomatoes, feta & rocket (which was actually mesclun salad greens) and Jabez had these Polo baked beans with ham hock & Island Bay Butchery sausage - both delicious, as was the coffee. Well worth the trip across town.

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