Wednesday, July 14, 2010

potato scones

I used to be a little skeptical about carb with carb combinations, but since discovering these potato scones (and potato pizza...and bread sauce and roast potatoes...) I am a convert. The scone recipe hails from Jafa cafe in Auckland, and was published in the Sunday Star Times a few years ago. The scone dough is more like a pastry really, with a higher ratio of fat to flour, and is rolled thinly to encase the cheesy filling that oozes out a little while they bake.

Use the filling recipe as a guide, these scones are a perfect vehicle for using up leftover bits and piece, I have even added leftover broccoli cheese to the potato filling with great success. The batch above Sarah made to have with soup for lunch, they are potato scones for purists, the filling just being potato, spring onion and cheese. They are happily frozen and I often used to take one to work for lunch - a sandwich press reheats them perfectly, crisping up the pastry again beautifully.

potato scones

200g flour
75g butter
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
100ml milk

300g potato, cooked, mashed and cooled (I often freeze leftover mash to use)
1 spring onion, finely chopped
1 c cheese, grated
extras as desired - chopped ham or cooked bacon, spinach, rocket, smoked salmon...
a little milk

a beaten egg to glaze, and seeds of choice

To make the filling just combine all ingredients, adding enough milk to bind the mix. I add enough to make it quite wet as I like the filling to ooze out.

To make the dough rub butter into flour until fine, add the remaining dry stuff, then enough milk to make a dough, and roll out thinly into a large rectangle (I roll it on the baking tray, and use plenty of flour). Spread the filling over half the dough. Cut dough down the middle and carefully pick up the uncovered bit of dough, and lay it over the filling. It doesn't matter if they look a bit straggly round the edges, this adds to their rustic charm!

Paint with the egg wash, sprinkle over seeds, and bake at 200c for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy warm from the oven!


  1. These look amazing! I'll have to try them sometime, I do like the idea of reheating them in the sandwich press.

  2. I love these with bacon in them. The sandwich press is fantastic for heating up so many leftovers for lunch at work! I use it for pizza, falafel, cheese scones... so much better than the microwave.

  3. My little Irish heart is beating faster just thinking about these, potato, onion, cheese, bacon yeeeesssss! Thank you!


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