Friday, July 30, 2010

baking swap

I used the can of duche de leche I made in the slow cooker to make chocolate caramel brownie. I used the recipe for "caramello brownie" from Enjoy! by Sophie Gray but instead of making caramel using condensed milk, butter and golden syrup I used the pre-caramelised condensed milk.

The recipe said to pour some of the brownie into the tin and then alternately pour in the caramel then use a skewer to swirl. In hindsight, it would have worked better if I'd poured in the brownie then poured the caramel over before swirling together. Doing it as the recipe said resulted in patches of caramel on the bottom of the tin that didn't set and it all merged together creating a dense, chewy, chocolately mess. I was hoping it would turn out like the Floridita's chocolate caramel brownie you buy in slabs from Moore Wilson but it wasn't to be. You couldn't distinguish the caramel from the brownie in my version.

As luck would have it, Dad was in Wellington for a meeting on Wednesday so the brownie was shared between Wellington and Christchurch. I packed up a little box of brownie and left it at the hotel reception for him to collect after his meeting. Waiting for me was another little box containing some of Becs deliciously yeasty crumpets and the best muffins I've ever eaten made by Sarah. Thanks to Dad for providing the same-day courier service.

Baking swaps a such a good idea. You only have to bake one thing but get to try several! Becs attended a baking swap afternoon tea a couple of Christmases ago where everyone took along a tin full of something and the recipe, and went home with a tin full of everyone else's baking. Something organise for later in the year perhaps!

All boxed up and ready for its journey South...

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  1. yes, bring on a bake swap! Other peoples baking always seems so much more exciting than your own doesn't it...


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