Monday, July 5, 2010

A few of our favourite things...

Libby: My favourite place in Wellington for coffee at the moment is Memphis Belle on Dixon Street. The guys that own and run this place know how to make good coffee and I don't think they'd send a coffee out if it was less than perfect. The decor is an eclectic mix of the 60s and 70s (you can just make out the Crown Lynn "Pioneer" saucer the cup is sitting on) and with floor to ceiling windows on two sides, its an interesting place to sit and people-watch. That's if you can get a seat, there are only a few tables and they're usually full!

Miriam: A couple of years ago, Becs started a pudding making business, Cream. It's was so successful, Sunday magazine (that comes with the Sunday Star-Times) featured Cream Handmade Puddings in their 'going up' section. Cream took a break, but recently has been resurrected, and the sticky date puddings are as delicious as ever! When I was in Christchurch a few weeks ago, Becs packed a pudding in my bag to take back to Auckland. It was very popular in my household, quotes from the lucky recipients included "I loved that pudding" and "that was one of the nicest desserts I've eveeeeeeeer had!!" If you're lucky enough to live in Christchurch go buy one of Becs' puddings at the Christchurch Famers Market.
Becs: I had always been a little underwhelmed by chorizo, until I tried the fresh version from Christchurch based Mariano's. Theirs have a meaty texture and a lovely sweet, smoky flavour. I like to split the skins and squeeze the meat out, panfrying it with some red peppers before adding a few spoonfuls of romesco (or red pepper pesto) and a pour of cream or lite evaporated milk, before tossing through hot spaghetti with a handful of roughly chopped flat-leaf parsley and some toasted pumpkin seeds. A little goes a long way, so a pack of 4 chorizo served this way will easily serve 4.

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