Monday, July 26, 2010

a few of our favourite things...

Becs: I love this Italian pewter butter dish. It was a wedding gift, and at first it seemed too precious to use so was saved for special occasions. Then I realised how practical it was, and how handy it is to always have perfectly spreadable butter. Since then it has sat on the bench in constant use; beautiful and useful.

Libby: After reading a few blog posts on using a slow cooker to make dulche de leche (caramelised sweetened condensed milk) I decided to give it a go myself. This blog here said to immerse the cans in water and "cook" on low for eight hours. The first time I used cold water and when I opened the can it was only semi-caramelised. I tried again the next night using hot water and it caramelised to perfect pouring consistency. A couple of hours extra time would give a firmer result. Now I have opened the can I'm unsure what to do with it... ice cream...banoffee pie...chocolate caramel brownie... Very delicious for something you can make in your sleep! If you decide to try this yourself... the label on the can does warn against heating in the can so I take no responsibility for any condensed milk explosions!

Miriam: One of my favourite things are these giant scrabble letters that Lewi made (with the help of her Dad) - they sit on the window ledge just above our dining room table, which is very appropriate, given that Kai is the the Maori word for food. It's also Maori Language Week at the moment, perhaps Libby or Becs will cook a hangi!

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  1. I always marvel at Lewi's cleverness when I see her scrabble letters. She should open a shop.

    No time for a hangi this week I'm afraid. I remember from primary school they took a very long time. The annual hangi was usually served up shortly before hometime. Perhaps something to try when we are next together?!


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