Monday, July 19, 2010

A few of our favourite things...

Miriam: Somehow this week, I hadn't given any thought to what my 'favourite thing' would be... so with the deadline fast approaching, I found inspiration in my handbag, in the form of an envirosax. The nifty bags are sturdy (but light), comfortable to carry and fold into a compact wee package perfect for popping in your handbag - I seem to find a use for mine on an almost daily basis. They also make great gifts!

Libby: I love walnuts in all their sweet and savoury applications - lightly toasted and sprinkled on salads, tossed through pasta, in cakes, stuffed inside fresh dates and atop afghans... After making the mistake of buying imported walnuts and finding them bitter and rancid I stick to NZ grown walnuts. These KerNelZ nuts from A Cracker of a Nut are consistently good. I store them in the freezer to keep them fresh and "toast" a small handful directly from frozen in the microwave (two minutes on medium power) as needed.

Becs: I love this Bay of Plenty Asparagus and Spinach Soup with fresh cream from the Naked Locals range. Usually I get bored eating a whole bowl of pureed soup, preferring those with more texture, but this soup is lovely. Restaurant quality I reckon, and perfectly seasoned, unlike most bought soups that are heavily salted. Sarah (the nutritionist) was horrified at the fat content, but then we discovered that the nutrition panel strangely states one pack to be a serving...hmmm I don't think I could put away half a litre of soup!

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  1. The Envirosac make sweet gift bags for pressies also, saves wrapping awkward shapes and dont end up in the recycling.......Love that soup for a work lunch, so yummy,.......needless to say I never looked at the nutrition info, whoops, The leek and potato is also a goodie:)


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