Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dinner date - vege nachos

Dinner comes courtesy of Sarah this week...
When looking for a snack in the fridge recently, Becs found some leftover Mexican spiced tomato soup in the fridge. Having thickened up, the soup made a delicious dip for corn chips. Next time we had nachos I decided to use this as the base for my vegetarian version. I used the soup recipe but reduced the amount of stock and added in a can of chilli beans that I mashed up a little. It ended up being quite similar to the refried bean mix I normally make, but the lentils were a nice addition.

With nachos I often make "chips" by cutting tortillas into triangles and grilling them. Sometimes I mix these chips with some from the shop. My favourites are the Signature Range sea salt ones. Served with salad and guacamole, it makes for a healthy and tasty version of nachos which are often a little on the greasy side...


  1. That looks so yummy, I often find nachos a bit "heavy" but they look tasty and light, must try!

  2. Yum! Definitely going to try the tortilla trick next time we have nachos - it's always the conundrum; destroy the health of the meal by adding a bunch of chips or eat it without? We often have the bean mix with rice and just a few chips instead of a pile of them.


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