Monday, March 29, 2010

a few of our favourite things

Becs: I spent the weekend in Hanmer and while there I bought some of my favourite marshmallows from the little sweet shop there. I always pop in as they often have interesting wee bits to put on top of cupcakes. The marshmallows are made by Kapiti Candies and are lovely light-as-air puffs that taste like they have been homemade. I like them on their own, melting into a luxury hot chocolate, toasted over the embers of a fire, or best of all in a s'more, with the toasted marshmallow sandwiched between two dark chocolate wheaten biscuits...

Daisy's most favourite thing lately has been her toes. She has just discovered them and was very pleased with what she found. Last week she finally, and satisfyingly, managed to get her toes into her mouth for the first time. Since then there's been no stopping her...

Miriam: I first had edamame about 5 years ago at Wagamamas in Bristol. I was very surprised that these delicious little beans are actually immature soybeans. Ever since then I’ve always ordered them when at Japanese / Asian restaurants. And more recently I’ve discovered you can buy them in the frozen section of your local supermarket… so not quite that exotic, but still just as tasty and with lots of salt they are a very morish snack.

Libby: I love pain aux raisin and I must have tried one from all the French bakeries in the greater Wellington region by now! I think Simply Paris make the best and they now have a stall at the Hill Street Farmers Market in Thorndon on Saturday mornings. I stopped by the market hoping to get one but was too late... I bought this delicious chocolate and pistachio pastry instead and it was almost as good.


  1. perhaps i will make a batch of Dorie's brioche at Easter and we can make pain aux raisin in lieu of hot x buns...

  2. Yes, I would like that. I still can't face hot x cross after over-doing it last year.

  3. Love Daisy's acrobatic pose


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