Monday, March 22, 2010

a few of our favourite things...

Becs: March 20th was Macaron Day, as celebrated in France, and now also in Christchurch at J'aime les macarons, where Amanda makes the most perfect macaroons. (The French sort, made from egg whites and ground almonds and filled with ganache, not the coconut biscuits.) In honour of the occasion, the macaroons at their lovely wee shop were all 'on sale' for just $1 each. Anna, Sarah and I lined up to purchase our quota of 12 each. My selection was - blackcurrant, coffee, lemon, mint, pistachio, coconut and the new olive oil and vanilla macaron.

Miriam: After a few drinks celebrating St Patrick’s day at the Claddagh, we were in need of food. We probably should have gone for some traditional Irish cuisine (perhaps corn beef and potatoes), but Hansan Vietnamese Restaurant was nearby so we dined there instead. I had this gigantic pork & prawn pancake, maybe one of the biggest meals you could ever get for $15! As the Vietnamese do, I cut up the pancake, added the accompanying carrot, cucumber and dipping sauce and wrapped it in lettuce leaves. Yum!

I spent the last few days in Queenstown and visited Patagonia Chocolates while I was there. Not for the chocolate but for the ice cream! It was amazing. I tried the Patagonia dark chocolate (once) and the banana split (twice) and couldn't decide which I liked best. Patagonia also make their own delicious waffle cones which I tried on my first visit - very good but almost a bit too much especially as the end of the cones are filled with chocolate!

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