Monday, March 1, 2010

a few of our favourite things...

Becs - Something I enjoyed was the outdoor bath at the bach Miriam, Daisy and I stayed at for our weekend visit to Hokitika, Daisy's first to the West Coast. What a treat, extra long and deep, with a stunning view of pebbles, flax, sand dunes and sea.

Daisy (who loves her baths) nonchalantly acted like she bathed outdoors everyday. It was also lovely to once again watch the sun set over the Tasman Sea. It has been a while.

Miriam - While in Hokitika this weekend we stopped off at Sweet Alice's Fudge Kitchen. A cute wee shop where they handmake a selection of fudges. I went for a traditional flavour and purchased a slab of chocolate fudge. It was lovely and creamy with a delectable gooey centre. I intended to take it back to Auckland to share with Jane but Becky & I found it so irrestible we nibbled away on it during the journey back to Christchurch.

Libby - Anna was in town for a whirlwind Wellington weekend with friend Lana so I picked them up for breakfast on Sunday. We decided to go to Capitol as its a usual stop on Anna's eating itinerary but we'd only ever been there for dinner. Capitol is one of the few places in Wellington that has an interesting brunch menu. No eggs benedict or pancakes with bacon and banana served up here. I decided within moments to have the French toast with roasted stone-fruit (plums) and creme fraiche (or maybe it was mascarpone?) Anna's almond porridge and Lana's grilled fontina and proscuitto on ciabatta were good but the French toast was definitely the favourite.


  1. Yum that fudge looks so good. Jane must be gutted you ate it all!

  2. Hopefully Jane got to try some unless Miriam polished it off on the plane trip?!

  3. Yes Jane did get some fudge - just not quite as much as originally intended!


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