Monday, March 15, 2010

a few of our favourite things

Libby: One of the best things about Autumn is feijoas. When I saw them at the supermarket on Friday I had to buy some... just two as they were $12.99 a kilo! This is the most expensive I've ever seen them but they're the first of the season and I was at Thorndon New World. Growing up we were so fortunate to have a free supply of feijoas from Grandma who would send boxes of them over from Tauranga. Feijoas are one of my favourite fruits (possibly number one) and no matter how many I eat I never get sick of them. But while they're $12.99/kg I won't be eating many!

Becs: I was introduced to Traiteur's chocolate and raspberry brownies perhaps ten years ago now, by the Horgan family. They are my idea of brownie perfection...barely set chocolate goo, studded with chunks of white chocolate and raspberries to cut the sweetness. I always ask for a middle piece which are extra gooey. As you can see in the picture it oozes like a perfectly ripe cheese. Traiteur sell the brownie in quite large slabs, I usually cut mine into quarters to enjoy over a few days, it is that rich. They recently put the price up from $2.95 to $3.50, such value for money!
Miriam: Every Wednesday at work someone is responsible for providing the team with morning tea. Whether brought or home made, from what I've tasted so far it's worthwhile being at work on a Wednesday. Last week Tipu brought in this very elaborate orange and almond cake, courtesy of Meadowbank Bakery. It was delicious. I have a good recipe for orange and almond cake, but have only made it once before. I must make it again and perhaps try dolling it up with candied oranges as per this one!

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