Tuesday, March 30, 2010

farmers market - Rotorua style

Rotorua has a Saturday morning farmers market. It's quite different from the French Market I frequent in Parnell - but there's a certain charm having stalls amongst the geysers and mud pools of Kuirau Park.

Becs and I both happened to be in Rotorua on a Saturday morning so we visited the market, with my brother David acting as our local guide. There was an abundance of fresh produce as well as plenty of hot food stalls and other stalls selling brick-a-brac.

David raves about the somosas at the Indian stall and brought 6 for $5 for us to try. They didn't disappoint. The pastry was perfect and the filling inside was fresh and tasty. Becs liked them so much she bought some frozen samosas to take back to Christchurch.

You can certainly see Rotorua's Maori influence coming through in the market, with several stalls selling more traditional Maori cuisine, like this rewena bread.

We were quite taken with the linguistic originality of this stall selling 'prawnitzo' kebabs - prawn and chorizo (!) We were a bit too full of samosas to try them - but perhaps something to look forward to on our next visit.


  1. Those samosas are pretty good! David should run food tours - he has so many good recommendations.

  2. You'll also have to visit Rotorua's night market held on Thursdays from 5pm - I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the diversity of high quality stalls; I often have dinner there finishing at Karen's cart for freshly brewed coffee and taking home some sweet delights. See www.rotoruanightmarket.co.nz
    You might like to visit it this Easter.

  3. Yum, roll on the Rotorua cuisine this weekend, taken in between epic Whakarewarewa singletrack sessions of course!

  4. lovely pix - many thanks; much appreciated !


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