Wednesday, March 3, 2010

dinner at the bach

On our recent visit to the West Coast, Miriam, Daisy and I stayed at a delightful little bach called 'Penguin's Retreat', which is on the beachfront just north of Hokitika.

Arriving after spending a lovely afternoon at Heidi's first birthday party, and enjoying delicious treats including the best ever wontons (made with homemade pork mince from homegrown pigs), a smorgasboard of pizza (Heidi's favourite food) and birthday cake (a snow capped mountain replete with "We knocked the bastard off!' flag), we were feeling like something on the light side for dinner.

Miriam was dispatched to the local supermarket to gather the makings of just that. Her shopping list was -

1 pkt pita bread
1/2 a hot chicken
1 pkt baby spinach leaves
1 red pepper
1 tin mangoes
1 small pottle natural yoghurt
Something nice for pudding

Our hastily assembled dinner looked like this...

The 'recipe' goes something like this. Chop pepper and mango and combine. Chop some fresh mint found in garden and mix into the yoghurt. Shred the chicken. Stuff all into toasted pita pockets with the baby spinach leaves.

PS. Pudding was a bowl of the divinely cocoa-y and chocka with plenty of 'bits' Killinchy Gold Chocolate Brownie ice cream.

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  1. Your blog with photo of the Penguins Retreat bach, outdoor bathing and sunset over the sea is a great advertisement for your West Coast accommodation choice. Makes me want to plan a holiday there and to check out the state of the retreating (or advancing) glaciers.


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