Monday, November 1, 2010

a few of our favourite things...

Becs: When Miriam was in town last week we took a drive out to the Little River Cafe and Store for coffee and a sweet treat. They make the most divine cheesecake brownie, and this time we also sampled their delicious tan square. The attached gallery stocks a great range of NZ art, and the rather old fashioned craft station next door is always good for a browse too; this time I picked up a cute pair of pink polka dot hairties for Daisy and a dozen homegrown tomato seedlings.

Libby: I spent a couple of days in Canberra this week for work. It's not the most vibrant of cities and I'm yet to meet anyone who's been there for anything other than a meeting or a conference but it does have one thing going for it: an excellent bakery. Silo bakery is tucked away in a suburban shopping centre in the residential area of Kingston. I stopped in for a delicious breakfast of raisin toast and fruit salad (so much better than a hotel buffet breakfast) and picked a wee treat for later. Silo make the loveliest tarts and with combinations like banana & caramel, passionfruit & mascarpone and date & ginger it was a tough choice... until I spotted a tart containing my most favourite of dried fruits... prunes!

Miriam: It was my birthday on Wednesday. I was most excited when a courier box arrived at work. Protected by layers of bubble wrap and surrounded in ice packs, were these delicious custard squares from Third Place Cafe in Rotorua. Mum had iced (using her own strawberry icing) and packaged these to deliver her birthday wishes. Such a lovely treat!

Along with custard squares for morning tea, my workmates presented me with this berry cheesecake.
I consider "The Intern" a term of endearment, reflective of the importance of my role, perhaps in a similar league to The Queen, or The President!


  1. I love your B'day treats mizz! And without a doubt you have similar status to THE queen in my eyes.

  2. Gosh! If I had thought my hastily-piped Birthday greetings on the custard squares would feature on a blog, I would have been more careful in styling and formating my letters!!! - there again, if I had tried being meticulously neat, I probably wouldn't have got to the courier in time for their early morning Auckland delivery. I like the look of the cake your colleagues made.


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