Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rosemary for remembrance

Life changed three years ago when Bec's husband Mike tragically died while running a half marathon.  I'm not sure how one makes sense of the sudden loss of a husband and father-to-be; perhaps this is a lifelong process.  But within the grief, there has been a lot of life and love too.

We started the blog when life seemed especially hard and we wanted a way to embrace some of the lovely things in life.  Lovely Wee Days gave us a practical focus; a reason to bake, a reason to write.  Baking on Thursday, a favourite thing on Monday, a few mid week treats to write about too.  With time, life has taken over and the blog has become quieter.  Becs and Daisy have moved to "Mummy's special house",  Posh Porridge is a weekly market sell-out, Libby's busy with her own bun in the oven and I'm focused on wedding planning for December.

But no matter how busy we become, Mike's life and loss is never far from our thoughts.
Rosemary is a symbol of remembrance, so today I'm going to make something with rosemary and remember Mike. xxx


  1. that is lovely. I have been noticing rosemary a lot recently and also grieving the sudden loss of a special one - maybe it was subconscious? I have just seen a "posh porridge" pop up at the Farmer's market down here in Dunedin, is that run by Becs also or is it different? :-)

  2. Lovely post, I had no idea. Lots of love to you all.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Becs and Daisy, especially today. The way you have handled sorrow is an inspiration and it is lovely seeing Daisy develop so well - even if Poppa GG isn't as funny as Daisy thinks he should be! Lots of love from Kathy, Gerard and David

  4. thanks for the nice words xx

    Georgi - no that is not our Posh Porridge in Dunedin, a bit of a copycat who is no way connected with us :)

    1. I recently noticed the Dunedin farmer's market "posh porridge" folk changed their name and are now called something different - as they should be!

  5. My heart goes out to Becs :-( We had a friend named Duncan, who died about 13 years ago after running a marathon in Petone (Wellington). His darling wife Liz moved with her two little boys to Christchurch after that and was lucky enough to find love again with someone new eventually. Best wishes for the future. From Becks in Wellington xxx

  6. Rosemary is my middle name Becs. And so much remembering we have to do. I hope you can always hold on to it all tightly. Xxo
    (Angela from on the radio)


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