Monday, December 5, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Miriam: Mum recently introduced me to Watties tinned baby beetroot. I'd normally always go for the fresh variety, but I must say, these beetroot are pretty good and so low maintenance. I've taken to roasting them for about 10 mins (not that it's really required) and turning them into a salad with feta, mint and toasted almonds. And, if you don't let on, no one would be any the wiser that the beetroot's from a can.

Becs: Like Libby, I am a regular customer of Book Depository. I was happy to pick up a copy of Bill Granger's latest book, Bill's Everyday Asian in their recent 24 hour sale; however not having seen it in the shops I did a little online research first, as it can at times be disappointing buying books unseen. In the process of my research I stumbled across the blog A Cookbook a Month, where three friends test out and report back on recipes from a different cookbook each month. They seem to be on my wavelength when it comes to cookbooks (eg. Donna Hay = style over substance) so I took note of their high praise for BEA. It arrived the other day and looks delicious; I think it will provide a perfect source of inspiration for summer eating. So if you are making an online cookbook purchase and are keen for some real-life feedback check out their archives, in any case it makes for interesting reading.


  1. Actually I have a tin of those in the pantry that I got for work and then didn't use, I forgotten about them, better to take them out :-). I also love feta and beetroots, one of my favourite combos, and I have a couple of recipes here that you may like

    one tells you how to keep the beetroots's water (from the can too, of course) to colour eggs :-)


  2. That cookbook a month blog is great! An excellent new find, good work.

  3. Thank you very much for your link to our blog. We're glad you like it. We all enjoyed Bill's book very much. I was pleasantly surprised, as I thought I wouldn't like it at all. In fact I just remade the corn soup for lunch today, with some minor changes from the original. Delicious. Kirstin continues to cook from it, even though it was the book from two months ago now!
    All the best,
    A Cookbook A Month


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