Monday, May 30, 2011

A few of our favourite things...

Miriam: It's the annual inorganic collection in my neighbourhood; where you put your inorganic waste out on the street for it to be magically taken away. The collection is organised by Auckland Council, but I'm not sure how much waste they end up collecting, as often the scavengers get in first. We put a broken clothes horse out only for it to be snapped up minutes later. And we're certainly not too proud to scavenge off our neighbours either; we have now expanded our outdoor furniture, acquiring a deck chair, two dining chairs and this park bench - we're all set for summer entertaining!

Becs: As the days have become colder my vege garden has been sadly neglected. In the weekend I finally summoned the motivation to tear out the last of the withered-up tomato plants, and had a big tidy-up. On a trip to the garden centre I procured a bale of pea straw, some seed garlic and winter green seedlings, as well as a few packets of spring flower bulbs to provide some pretty end-of-winter cheer.


  1. I miss the inorganic rubbish collection - wish we had one in Wellington, would be the perfect solution for my old chest of draws - I'd feel bad about giving it to the Salvation Army, it's so squeaky and stuck and useless.
    Those daffodils and peas will be something to look forward to - I love seeing the first daffodil flowers out at the end of winter.

  2. It's collection time in my neighbourhood too and I've been seeing lots of furniture but didn't have the smarts to grab them. I'll have to keep an eye out too and be quick because I'd love some outdoor furniture. We only have 1 outdoor chair. It's a bit lonely.


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