Monday, May 2, 2011

A few of our favourite things...

Libby: I use cheapie olive or rice bran oil for roasting and frying but like to have some good olive oil in the cupboard for salads and pasta. My favourite is the Barnea extra virgin olive oil from The Village Press as its reasonably priced (for NZ EVO) and always lovely and fresh. I've been buying it in 500ml bottles for awhile but decided to invest in a two litre cask while on a shopping trip at Moore Wilson. It has a handy little tap to make transferring to a more sensible-sized bottle a breeze and the cask-style packaging protects the oil from its biggest enemy: light.

Miriam: I am a big fan of devils on horseback - prunes wrapped in bacon. We enjoyed these ones with bubbles watching the royal wedding on Friday night. We also had what I call angels on horseback - banana wrapped in bacon, which are also a great combination. Devils & angels on horseback are so moreish!

Becs: These beautifully ripe figs were purchased for 50c each from an enterprising wee girl who had set up shop outside her front gate. I really wish I'd had my camera at the time to capture her signage (mmmm figs, yummy! delicious!) in all its handmade glory. I love seeing kids doing things like this, and can remember from when I was a child how exciting it was when a (genuine, non-related) customer came along. We ate one box of them cut up into quarters and baked on a pizza with onion jam, blue cheese and hazelnuts; the others I think I will drizzle with honey and roast for pudding.


  1. Cant believe I didnt think of devils on horseback for Friday, yum! We had a plowmans platter & trifle (no one could drag themselves away from the TV to go and get the fish & chips!)

  2. Figs - how yummy!! We had figs as part of the fruit mix in our wedding cake thank to the Kitchen Maid - they were delicious!

  3. Mmm... prunes! My most favourite dried fruit. I also love water chestnuts wrapped in bacon. Not sure if they're called something "on horseback" or just water chestnuts wrapped in bacon.


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