Sunday, June 5, 2011

A few of our favourite things

Libby, Sarah & Becs: One of the things we loved about staying at our grandparent's house as children was Grandma's treat tray. Sometime after dinner and before our bedtime, Grandma would disappear off into the kitchen and reappear with a tray laden with treats. The lovely thing about the treat tray is that it's a family tradition that hasn't faded out as we've all grown up. We spent a couple of days in Tauranga last week farewelling Grandma and filled up the treat tray in her honour. You're welcome to adopt the "treat tray" as your own family tradition. All you need is a tray with compartments (retro, if possible) and fill it with everyone's favourite treats. Ours often include - dried apricots, dried pineapple, crystallised ginger, scorched almonds, cashew nuts, jet planes, licorice allsorts, and chocolate or candy mushrooms. It doesn't need to be an occasion like a birthday to enjoy a treat tray, that's another lovely thing about this tradition, you just have to enough of your friends and family around to share it. That is an occasion in itself.

Miriam: I've been in Rotorua for the long weekend and enjoyed a visit with my brother David to the Ciabatta Bakery (38 White Street) which is now open on Saturday. They have a lovely selection of breads, pastries and products. The owner Alex was so excited that David had brought me along for a visit (and he didn't even know about the blog), he insisted on sending us home with a complimentary garlic ciabatta. The shop also sells a selection of hot food, like this "teeny weeny" chorizo sausage served with mustard & bbq sauce. Delicious!


  1. love that treat tray, what a lovely tradition :)

  2. You guys always have the best fav things!! Growing up we had a version of the treat tray which was called a 's-s-s-surprise.' Mum would go into the kitchen and come back with little plates with five or six things on it, one of which was a treat. I;ve started doing it for my own daughter.

  3. That's funny Miriam, I noticed the sign for their bakery when in Rotorua on Friday on a fleeting pre-airport coffee mission. They were advertising a foot long hot dog?! I was most intrigued and if time had permitted would have loved to call in - will add it to the agenda for next time. Speaking of which perhaps by then DH will have progressed tour concept...Becs

  4. Hi Ladies,

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    Let me know.

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