Monday, May 9, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Miriam & Becky: We had a LWD reunion in Papamoa this weekend. We loved the sushi which we enjoyed at a wee place "Sushi Takeaway" in Tauranga (109 Devonport Road, at the top end near Farmers). Despite the name they do have tables, some on the street. The sushi was all beautifully presented in huge glass cabinets, with lots of interesting combinations to choose from. We selected our own platter and shared a rice ball, tempura prawn, teriyaki chicken, roasted mushroom with sping onion and eggplant and toasted sesame. We were so taken with it we had to go back for more (pieces with calamari, roasted asparagus, chilli pork, yum!)

Another culinary highlight was a vist to the Good Food Trading Co which is a Nosh/Moore Wilson Fresh type store in the industrial area between Tauranga and the Mount. We had a lovely browse here, and picked up a delicious tiramisu for pudding among other things, and went back for a take away coffee and brioche the next day.


  1. Wow awesome vege options for the sushi! Wish we had more variety down in Chch in that regard...any recommendations?

  2. yes, it made such a nice change from the boring vege sushi you normally see. Not sure about Chch sushi, Pre-quake I used to mostly go to the one in Colombo St by Johnsons. There was an article about these people in Zest recently which sound promising


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