Saturday, April 30, 2011

super posh porridge

When your enterprise is called 'Posh Porridge' it does seem the proper thing to acknowledge the royal nuptials on one's porridge menu. Therefore 'Royal' Posh Porridge was on offer at the market today. Hot, slow-cooked oats topped with Eton Mess of sorts - crumbled meringue, a mixed berry compote, whipped cream and a drizzle of creme anglaise, topped with a gold leaf-speckled meringue and finished off with a homemade souvenir spoon...hmmm gilding the lily for breakfast perhaps? At any rate the 'Royal' was today's top seller so alas I was flat out and had no chance to take a glamour shot of the final product. However, in my humble opinion the whole definitely equated to more than the sum of its parts above!


  1. Sounds fantastic, I really need to try some of your wonderous porridge. Are you at the market every weekend? I have tried to find you a couple of times but perhaps time my visits poorly. :-)


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