Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A visit to the West Coast...

Daisy and I paid a visit to Hokitika last week, to commemorate the opening of the school's new Food Technology room, a project Mike had been passionate about, and catch up with friends. The weather was beautiful, Daisy and Heidi loved roaming around the beach after a lunch of fish and chips from the little shop near the wharf.

I also took the opportunity to stock up on some of my favourite West Coast provisions - including a date loaf from Blanchy's bakery in Greymouth, purveyors of old school baking at its best. This delicious family-sized loaf will set you back a grand total of $6.50...

Blanchy's loaf is perfect spread with the beautiful export-quality Westgold butter. Made in the milk factory in Hokitika from West Coast milk, it is a treat. The farm shop near the BP station sells it from a fridge, I don't think you can buy it anywhere else in NZ as it gets shipped overseas. I have a few blocks tucked away in the fridge for 'special occasions' deemed worthy of warranting its use!

Finally, the cupboard has been replenished with our favourite tomato sauce from Woodstock Kitchen. Mike and I used to go through bucketloads of this, buying it from the local Four Square. This time the dairy was out of stock, but I managed to locate the producer, and we paid a visit to the commercial kitchen tucked under her house. (Spick and span and a great set-up, I confess to some kitchen envy!) The old fashioned tomato sauce is my go-to condiment, I have tried unsuccessfully to recreate it at home, so half a dozen bottles happily found their way into my suitcase. So far you can just buy it in Hoki, but if you are curious to try it email Anna on ricanna@xtra.co.nz and she can arrange to send some.

We trained home, something I have wanted to do for ages, we never got around to it while living on the Coast. The serene scene below belies the determination on Daisy's behalf to avoid sitting down at all costs in favour of alternately standing precariously on edge of seat and attempting to climb on table. It was a long five hour ride!


  1. Hi Becs, Lovely blog & great to meet you last weekend at Supper Club, maybe see you at the photography course.

  2. It must have been a very emotional time for you, Becs, going back to the West Coast and celebrating the opening of the new Food Technology classroom - one of Mike's passions. I'm sure it will have reinforced just how loved Mike was as a teacher and a colleague at Westland High School and as a friend to many on the West Coast.

    I love the picture of Daisy looking out the train window at the mountains and lake. Neat Photography!


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