Monday, April 18, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Miriam: On Saturday night, Becs and I went to a supper club, hosted by Kristina from plum kitchen. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept (as I was until recently) it's like an underground restaurant, held in someones home (click here for an explanation). Eight of us - including some fellow food bloggers - were served a decadent four course meal; french onion soup with cheesy toasts, stuffed pork belly with potato & celeriac gratin, braised peas & lettuce and sprouts with hazelnuts, pavlova with salted caramel sauce & fresh raspberries and an impressive cheese board. The meal had a bit of a festive feel to it, and we went home feeling replete and very satisfed with our first supperclub experience. Thanks Plum Kitchen!

Becs: Not the best photo, but the lone custard donut sitting on the top tray in this cabinet at Eiffel en Eden (and later devoured three ways with great coffee from Ripe) was amazing. I am going through a donut phase at the moment, after loving the one served up at Nikau recently. Apparently donuts are up and coming in the world of baked goods; keen to have a play around myself I have recently added this great little book on the subject to my collection.


  1. Looks like a satisfying spread. Food bloggers for dinner! How fun

  2. Mmmm! I've got this thing about donuts too! Especially after seeing some of the offerings on The SoHo blog ( - unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) they're in NY!

  3. So enticed was I by the custard donut I just had to detour into that cafe on a trip to the big city today (I have had the best choc eclairs from there too)! It was good. I think I am now on sugar overload as it's been shortbread, chocolate brownies, tea loaves, etc for the last few days. Just had salad & grain roll for lunch to redress the balance!

  4. yes lesley their eclairs are great too, we had a coffee one as well as the donut...I mostly loved the high ratio of custard:donut!


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