Monday, April 11, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Becs: These packing cells from Kathmandu are incredibly handy. They were a gift from Libby last Christmas, who used them on her trip to Europe last year. They are just brilliant, especially as Daisy and I share a suitcase. Three different sized bags come in each pack, so they are ideal for keeping Daisy's various belongings in order and avoiding suitcase jumble. We are heading over to the Coast for a few days, so had best get back to packing...
Libby: I've been using these Mutti cherry tomatoes in place in chopped tomatoes in some recipes - so much cuter. The juice is nice and thick and the tomatoes are lovely and sweet so need little interference to form a quick sauce for pasta: soften a little red onion and garlic, add a can of these, simmer, season and stir through hot spaghetti with some fresh herbs and parmesan.

Miriam: I love Victorinox knives, they're sharp, cut well and at less than $10 they're cheap as chips. They're available at lots of knife and kitchen shops, or you can get them online though Table Pride, which often has the best prices on kitchenware.


  1. Happy travels Becky & Daisy x

    I love Victorinox knives too - they are some of the most used items in my kitchen. I use one of the serrated-edge ones as a bread knife.

  2. Yes I use mine as a bread knife too. I think it was Becky who put me onto Victorinox knives many years ago.

    I once bought tinned cherry tomatoes, but it was full of the skins which put me off ever buying them again... are these ones pealed?

  3. I didn't really notice the presence or absence of skins to be honest. Some were peeled but some still had skin on but there were no "loose skins" swimming around in the juice. Thank goodness.

  4. I can't remember what brand I had, but the skins were very noticable swimming around in the juice! I'll have to give these ones a go. x

  5. Those packing cells seem like an awesome idea!
    Still loving reading this blog!

  6. Ah yes - the packing cells. You can also get bigger ones that have a hard backing to them which are perfect for packing tops, skirts and trousers in - and even better, the clothes stay crinkle free!

  7. Oh man, that knife! I had totally forgotten about it, but it was one of the best things in my old kitchen. I shall have to go and buy a replacement :)


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