Monday, March 14, 2011

A few of our favourite things...

Miriam: My parents have two quince trees. I remember in my teenage years complaining about how ugly quinces were and suggested they remove the trees. Thankfully they ignored my teenage grumblings. Transformed into paste and coupled with blue cheese, the humble quince had its time in the spotlight in the early 2000's. I became a firm fan and have remained so ever since. Mum has perfected the art of making quince paste and keeps me in good supply with wee portions wrapped in baking paper and tied up with string that can either be consumed immediately, kept in the fridge or frozen and used year round. Delicious!

Libby: I already count Wellington's Harbourside Market as one of my favourite things but the herb stall located on the Te Papa side of the market (not to be confused with the herb stall on the Waitangi Park side) deserves its own special mention. It has all sorts of herbs and Asian greens that you can't find all in one place anywhere else in Wellington. On Sunday I picked up generous bunches of mint and coriander, spring onions, lime leaves and chillis, all for $1 a pop. Incredibly cheap and so, so fresh!


  1. I love your bouquet of herbs. What are you going to do with them all?

  2. I bought a bag of quinces at the Little River Gallery yesterday, a bit smaller than those from the Horgan tree however. Apple and quince crumble perhaps, or might make some quince chutney. Love the look of Kathy's quince paste!

  3. Miriam, I'm so jealous! Quinces are such a rare, rare treat for me. Oh to have two trees to plunder! And Libby, I love buying stuff from those stalls, nothing like the incredible smell of fresh herbs...

  4. Miriam - I love it how quince paste lasts forever! When I made that stuff from the quinces from the Horgan's trees it kept for about a year.

    Bunnyeatsdesign - most of it went into a Thai-style salad last might with beans sprouts, greens and mango. Lots of chilli left though! Thank goodness I went lightly with those - they were hot!

  5. Thai style salad sounds wonderful Libby :)

    I love a bit of chili with my mango.

  6. $1 a pop I can't believe it !!! delicious !!!


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