Sunday, March 27, 2011

a few of our favourite things...

Libby: I bought a portion of Wholesmoked NZ's Cellerman's Limited Release Vintage parmesan on Becs' recommendation. It's made in New Zealand but has the intense flavour and authentic slightly crystallised texture of the real thing from Italy. It's strong stuff so a little goes a long way but I advise keeping the cheese and a grater handy if eating it over pasta - it's so delicious you'll feel the need to continually reapply it as you eat!

Becs: I love this smoked salmon from Stewart Island. It comes from Church Hill restaurant and they sell it weekly at the Christchurch Farmers Market, you can get it at Fresh Choice Merivale too. It's not at all dry like commercially hot smoked salmon often is, and was perfect flaked into Lois Daish's kedgeree for an easy Sunday night dinner. I also like it on top of a Vitawheat cracker spread with Philly cream cheese.

Miriam: My friend Bridget kindly gave me a VIP ticket to the Designer Garage Sale held on the weekend. It was a bit of a frenzy of clothes and women, but we persevered and managed to grab a few bargains. I love Kathryn Wilson shoes and was very pleased to find these ones in my size for $50! That’s worth battling the crowds for.


  1. Mmm, I love all of those things too :) The salmon is so nice, not too strong and as you say, so moist and lovely. No idea where I can get that smoked parmesan though, the website doesn't have a store finder :(

  2. I bought my parmesan from their stall at the Tauranga Farmers Mkt, and Libby got hers at Moore Wilson in Wgtn. Maybe give them a ring, is worth tracking some down! (btw the parmesan is not smoked though most of their other cheese is)


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