Monday, March 7, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Libby: The only time I eat liver is when it's made into pate with lots of butter and brandy! We bought this chicken liver and brandy pate last week at the City Market from a lady whose stall name now escapes me...she also makes macarons and runs cooking classes at her home. Hardly worth making your own pate(not that I ever have!) when you can buy delicious, homemade-quality pate like this for just $5. Especially love the fresh bay leaf garnish. We enjoyed it spread on slices of baguette from the French Baker.

Becs: While in Wellington last week I paid several visits to one of my favourite cafes, Nikau. I love their baking cabinet; it is always full of delightfully different baked goods that you just don't see in other cafes, and making the decision of what will accompany your coffee can be a bit tricky. I chose and loved this freshly-baked-and-still-warm raspberry cream donut. The little rosewater and blackberry tarts looked good too.

Miriam: I am a big fan of pizza stones, and use one not only for pizza's but also for other breads, like this focaccia type bread I made today. If you put the bread or pizza dough straight onto pizza stone that's been heated in the oven, it speeds up the cooking process and produces a lovely crisp base. Clean up is simple too - just dust off the flour or give it a quick wipe with a wet cloth and it's ready to go back in the cupboard.


  1. trifecta! pate, doughnut, foccacia - all look amazing

  2. Ah, Nikau's donuts... I had one when they came to the market. Never get there in time to see most of their baking - I often pop in for a quick pre-work coffee but all that's ready at that hour are their scones... delicious though!

  3. I'm going to have to keep a look out for pate in Auckland markets I think. What a wonderfully simple but luxurious way to enjoy bread.


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