Monday, March 21, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Libby: Kedgeree is one of my all-time-favourite dishes - I love it at any time of day. My version is based on Lois Daish's recipe, as is the Kedgeree served at Nikau cafe in Wellington. I just had to have one of these lovely "Kedgeree" teatowels designed by Sarah Maxey for Nikau cafe. Too nice to use for drying dishes, I'm going pin mine on the kitchen wall. At $25 it's an expensive teatowel but very cheap kitchen "art".

Daisy adores raisins and was most pleased with herself for finding this stash in the kitchen drawer. She made quick work of removing the peg and proceeded to happily tuck into her feast of foraged raisins. (Ziplock bags are no match for this girl either...)

Becs: Caramelising onions is a long, slow process, and cutting up the onions in the first place is never a pleasant job. This onion marmalade from Barkers is handy to have in the pantry as a $3.99 a jar it is certainly cost effective as well as convenient. I love it spread on a pizza, topped with creamy blue cheese, thyme and walnuts. Even more delicious served with a salad of baby spinach and sliced pears tossed through some balsamic vinegar...

Miriam: Libby introduced me to Ceres peanuts a few years back - they are delicious, far superior to standard peanuts. Unfortunately about a year ago, I bought a bag of these peanuts that was rancid. I sent the company an email complaining and never received a response. I had therefore boycotted the peanuts. However, last week I decided on a whim to resend the email and express my disappointment in their lack of response. This time I received a prompt apology and a day or so later a courier package with the above products arrived. Better late than never, and I'm pleased to say this packet of peanuts tasted as delicious as I remembered them tasting (before the rancid incident).


  1. Oh thanks for the heads up on the Barkers stuff! Is it in the marmalade section or the sauces and pickles section?

    Also good on you for following up on that email. I'm sure they really appreciated it (even with the first incident).

  2. With the sauce and pickles I think...

  3. I've been eyeing up those tea towels at Nikau every time I go in, was thinking of doing the same as you and hanging one in my kitchen!

  4. Libby, despite my aversion to Kedgeree I love the tea towel! I really like Sarah Maxey’s art.

  5. I bought the onion marmalade. Your right it is great! Esp. when something needs to be spiced up a little. Which I hate to say it in the flat is often a cheese toasty!


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