Monday, April 26, 2010

a few of our favourite things...

Miriam: A few years ago, Becky told me about the wonderful flat bread from the Persian Network on Dominion road. I used to go there a bit, but had totally forgotten about its existence until I rediscovered it again last week. Even though it had been a few years, the shop hasn't changed - it still sells an eclectic mix of dried goods, refridgerated products, persian rugs and even has a special section cordoned off for DVDs. I was very pleased to find that the flat bread is still available and as good as ever, and at $2.50 a pop it looks like their prices haven't changed either. I see the bread company have their own website and courier the bread 'for home or restaurants'

Libby: The Harbourside Market at Wellington's waterfront on Sunday mornings is worth getting up for, not that I make it every weekend as its best to get there early before the crowds arrive. The market has expanded in the last couple of years and gone from selling mostly fruit and vegetables to all sorts of stalls selling nuts, bread, meat, baking, pizza etc... The fruit and vegetables are mostly excess/non-export quality stock from big distributors, though there are a few smaller organic stalls. The best thing about this market is the bargain prices (especially compared to Thorndon New World). Everything is so cheap it's easy to go overboard and buy more than you can eat. This was my haul from last Sunday - $20 well spent.

Becs: Piako Gourmet Yoghurt has been talked up quite a bit in previous Lovely Wee Days posts, and with good reason. Piako were the first NZ company to offer like the thick, dessert-like yoghurt common in Australia, especially in Queensland. With its beautiful silky texture - thick enough to stand a spoon up in - it tastes almost like cheesecake. I like to eat it spooned straight from the pottle for a pick-me-up treat. I love the mango flavour best with the lemon curd a very close second, and would rather have a tub of Piako than ice cream any day (and did I mention it is 95% fat free...)


  1. Piako yoghurt is one of my most favourite things too! Passionfruit is my number one flavour. I think its gotten even better lately with more fruit.

  2. I checked out the link to the Persian Network, is $10 to courier 50 flatbreads...must be a market to flog it in Christchurch?!

  3. Posh porridge, sticky date puddings, Sarah's scones and Persian flat breads could all be sold at the farmers market under the umbrella of the lovely little kitchen!


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