Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the ultimate sandwich

Dinner date today comes courtesy of the venison sandwich stall at the Rotorua Night Market, to which we paid a visit last Thursday night while on holiday up North. Rewena bread (Maori bread that is leavened with a potato starter) stuffed with a venison burger, homemade beetroot relish, kawakawa aioli and salad.

The bread was delicious, a bit like a cross between a good ciabatta and turkish bread - light and spongy with a holey crumb and very moist. It had been fried before being oven baked to finish cooking and let the excess oil drain away, so had a lovely chewy crust.

I was so impressed with the attention to detail at this stall - the finishing touches like the homemade condiments, the little brown box the sandwich was served in and the the wee flax toothpick to hold the bread together. The sandwich was delicious, and at $8 value for money; Miriam and I went halves and that was ample after the late lunch we had enjoyed earlier. So if you get the chance to visit the market (every Thursday from 5-8pm) look out for the guy wearing the red chef's jacket!


  1. That looks so tasty! Yum! The world needs more fried bread. ;-)

  2. What an incredible combination! I love rewena bread. $8 for all that definitely sounds alright :)

  3. Ohhh YUMMY..I so gota hav a couple of those...This weeks top of To Go List...Mmmmm cant wait

  4. I am drooling at the site of this *Kiwi Jewel*..I cant wait to have my taste buds mezmarised , tickled and pampered by the pleasures that this amazing looking Sandwich will allow me to endevour from its Fine Edible Features and Flavours....cant wait to have the pleasure of its company..


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