Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lolly cake cake

My friend Pete turned 30 the other day. He's off the alcohol at the moment, so although his birthday celebrations were at the pub, they consisted (for him at least) of raspberry & coke along with chips! Pete LOVES lolly cake, so I thought I'd make him a 30th lolly cake cake. Most recipes roll the lolly cake in coconut, but given my adversion to it, I choose to make this recipe, which didn't have coconut.


  1. Love it! I'm not a big fan of the coconut aspect of lolly cake either (though I love coconut in some things).

    I once made a wedding cake with one tier of lolly cake - covered in fondant it looked like normal cake but it weight a ton!

  2. Awesome mizz! Funnily I saw a picture on fb of it (didn't realise it was Lolly cake!) and it was upside down. I asked Dave why Pete had a cake that said 'oe'. Dave thought I was a real nong!

  3. Jenny, you're not alone - my flatmate Hannah came into the kitchen when I was making this and asked if Pete was going on his OE!

  4. i couldnt tell which way the 3 or e went, oh well.
    thanks miz was great


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