Monday, January 24, 2011

A few of our favourite things...

Miriam: I love my new camelbak drink bottle. In this hot weather I have it with me at all times. It has a straw mechanism, so you can drink from the bottle without having to tip your head back - far more elegant than your standard drink bottle. I had another very similar plastic version, but Mum called into question whether it was BPA-free, so she bought me this stainless steel one just to be on the safe side!

Becs: I can't stand raw tomatoes in any form - I think it is mostly due to the squelchy seedy insides - but love the flavour of tomatoes once cooked. I think tinned Italian tomatoes are a critical pantry staple, and we buy them by the carton load to ensure they are always in stock at home! A tin of tomatoes reduced down over a low heat to a pulp with just a little salt, pepper, and sugar (to take away the acidity) is my go-to sauce for pasta and pizza. These tins are going into a pot of Mexican tomato and lentil soup; the weather has been decidedly chilly in Christchurch lately so soup and cornbread seems a fitting dinner.

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  1. I have a bright pink plastic camelbak drink bottle and it says 'BPA Free' on it. But handy to have two drink bottles!


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