Monday, January 10, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Libby and Becs: On Monday we enjoyed fish & chips at the wharf in Tauranga to celebrate Dad's birthday. This has to be one of the best fish & chip shops in New Zealand - the fish (we ordered snapper) was deliciously fresh and comes in light, crispy batter and the chips were perfectly cooked. But what really makes it is the location right on the water. There are plenty of picnic tables outside the shop overlooking the sea where you can enjoy dinner in the evening sunshine. We're told some locals even bring along their own table cloth and wine glasses! We advise coming early - on the evening we visited, the queue was well out the door by the time we left just after 6pm.

Miriam: for as long as I can remember, my parents have given my brother and me separate Christmas presents. I suspect this is because Mum would veto the novelty presents Dad suggested, so he was forced to go it alone. Last Christmas, just after my boyfriend and I had broken up, my Dad ever so thoughtfully(?!) presented me with 'The Blue Day Book' and a game entitled 'The Art of Conversation' - I guess he hoped it would help me meet someone else.
This Christmas, I was presented with Nelson Mandela's new book. At face value, it didn't seem in keeping with Dad's usual style, until I read the title; 'Conversations with Myself'. One can only postulate this was selected because I hadn't brought a suitor home for Christmas! Despite our groans at the Dad's presents, they are somewhat entertaining and have certainly provided us with a few laughs over the holidays.

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