Friday, January 28, 2011

A few of our favourite things...

Libby: I'd almost stopped buying garlic as it was all so old and shrivelled, full of bitter, sprouting green cores. But the new seasons garlic that started showing up in the last few weeks is all lovely and purply-skinned and sweet. I've been adding generous amounts of finely-chopped garlic to almost everything I've made for dinner in the last week!
Becs: Good St Deli in Rangiora is a great little cafe that puts many in town to shame. My bagel with salmon, cream cheese and capers was homemade down to the bagel and the house-smoked salmon, which is pretty special for a cafe-priced lunch. They bake a delicious section of little single serve cakes - the flourless chocolate and almond topped with a dollop of ganache is lovely, as is the lemon baked cheesecake topped with thick cream and blueberry compote. Service is swift and the coffee is well made. While I think Good St alone is well worth the drive out from Christchurch for lunch, we combined it with a stop at Femme de brocante, another Rangiora gem - who sell a gorgeous array of soft furnishing fabrics and upcycled furniture - where Daisy scored a sweet string of bunting.

Miriam: Whoops, I'm in Auckland Anniversary long weekend mode and forgot about favourite things this week! However, I have a few random favourite things; one is my resumed relationship with Les Mills. I do love a good run around at body attack or combat.
Another is Takapuna beach - it's the perfect length for a casual stroll & good people watching.
And lastly my other favourite thing of late is Sakata wholegrain rice crackers, they taste great and surely they must be healthier than standard rice crackers?!

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