Tuesday, September 20, 2011

West Coast connection

Today is two years since Becs' husband Mike 'The Culinary Master' tragically died.

Becs and Mike used to live is Hokitika on the West Coast. Before they moved we thought there was nowhere worse in the world to live than Hokitika. However Becs managed to embrace The Coast and the culinary delights on offer. One such delight was whitebait. Here's a photo of Mike whipping up a batch of whitebait fritters.

I decided to make whitebait fritters when I had some friends round for dinner on Saturday night. Unlike when Becs could buy fresh whitebait at the Hokitika dairy, I went to four different shops before finding some in the frozen section at New World. I tried to turn a blind eye to the fact that my whitebait came from Indonesia and made them as described by Becs here on her old blog West Coast Kitchen.

I'm sure my fritters paled in comparison to the ones Becs and Mike used to make, but they were all gobbled up none the less. The men were particularly thrilled that they were permitted to eat them while drinking beer in front of the rugby. I think Mike would have approved.


  1. thanks Miriam...yes i think Mike would have approved too, although i'm not sure he would be so keen on the origin of the whitebait! We are having west coast whitebait for dinner tonight, will have to freeze some for when you visit x

  2. Hmmm... Indonesian whitebait?! Am sure they were lovely nonetheless. West Coast whitebait has been advertised quite a lot in Wellington in the last week or so. Will have to get my hands on a little before it disappears.

  3. Thinking of you today, Becs and Daisy xx

  4. Dear Becky
    We wish you and Daisy peace, joy, fun and laughter. We very mch enjoyed catching up with you when we were down in ChCh about a month ago. Daisy is such a delight and 'Posh Porridge' has managed to convert me from being a porridge hater, for the past 50 odd years, to a porridge lover. No mean feat. Keep up the good work. Lots of love and hugs from Kathy and Gerard, X X

  5. Love to you, Becs. Miriam, this is a beautiful post!


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