Monday, September 12, 2011

A few of our favourite things...

Becs: Is there a more perfectly fragrant flower than daphne? (Although freesias come a close second). My husband Mike loved it too, and used to pick sprigs of it to dot around the house, so now I love that it reminds me of him. I have both pink and white daphne plants, both in pots. They are easy enough to look after - keep them somewhere with a bit of shade - so if your home is daphneless I suggest a visit to the nursery.

Libby: Wellingtonians might have seen the Wellington book in local bookstores - it's a book of beautiful illustrations of all things Wellington by two very talented young artists. I bought a couple of prints from the website - this cute Mt Vic tunnel one and the other an "aerial view" of Wellington. I had them framed by Framing Online which is based in Kumeu. They offer such great service - really prompt and so accommodating of special requests. You just order the frame you want online, post off your prints and it arrives back (beautifully framed and carefully wrapped) a week later. Like a great big present to yourself!

Miriam: I'm really enjoying these blue peas from the Wright Sprouts. They're a good way to add a healthy crunch to salads, especially at this time of year when one starts to feel like salads but the fresh produce often isn't that good yet. They are also delicious when used as a base for pesto; you can find the recipe here.


  1. Alas, there are no Wright Sprout stockists in Chch...however I see they sell seeds so I will buy a pack of blue peas and experiment! Becs

  2. we bought that wellington book, its very cool....

  3. I lived in Hataitai for a year when i was 19 and often walked through the tunnel. And we always beeped when we drove through it! I must have that print.

  4. Mmm I LOVE daphne! I have it in a pot by my front door and in vases all over my house at the moment. Such a beautiful smell of spring!


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