Monday, September 20, 2010

Elkins: The Culinary Master

The 20th September is forever etched in our minds, as on this day last year, Bec's husband Mike tragically died while running a half marathon. Mike was a much loved and respected teacher (and former chef) and in the days that followed his death, students from his school wrote their thoughts, poems and stories. Becs had this poem by SJ printed onto cards, knowing it's how Mike would like to be remembered.

Kia kaha Becs & Daisy xx.


  1. What a great tribute to Mike. All my love and thoughts are with you, Becky, Daisy and your whanau today on this first anniversary of Mike's tragic death. Blessings, peace and happiness be yours.
    Lots of Love

  2. Becs, we've only met once, but just wanting to let you know my thoughts are with you and Daisy!


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