Monday, September 19, 2011

a few of our favourite things

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Becs: It has been a week of top-notch, old-fashioned home baking for me. Daisy and I attended a new music group at a local church, where the lovely ladies of the parish baked up a storm for the morning tea that followed. We were waited on hand and foot - my cup of tea was accompanied by the most delicious scones I have ever eaten, citrus slice and hokey poky biscuits. Old-school baking at its best.

On Friday as part of the Christchurch Arts Festival we went to listen to racontuer Richard Till at 'Filling the Tins' - a reflection on the tradition and importance of home baking in NZ. Entry was by bringing a plate of your own baking to be shared afterwards, and what an array it was - including the best afghans I have tasted. Richard shared lots of amusing tales as well as a sample of his apparently immense vintage teatowel and recipe book collection. I took along some of Nigel Slater's gingerbread.

Miriam: I've never been one for crosswords (I think due to lack of success), but I have a new favourite game in the puzzle section of the Sunday Star-Times. My BF Mike and I have spent more time that I care to quantify trying to create as many words as we can with the given letters. I don't know how anyone could get more that 60+ words... I consider success as reaching the 'OK' category.

Libby: I am very loyal to the Agria potato and I rarely buy any other variety as it usually results in disappointment. Agrias are best known for being good for baking and roasting but they're also incredible when "new" - all little and knobbly with creamy, flavoursome flesh. Anyway, the spuds pictured above are actually of the Ilam Hardy variety. Being so loyal to the Agria I nearly passed these little dirt-encrusted beauties by but I'm pleased I gave them a go... boiled until tender then buttered, salted and peppered these were a delicious taste of spring! If you see them in the shops pick the smallest ones so you can boil them whole, more work to scrub but so worth the effort.

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  1. That is an impressive lineup of baking,community groups do turn out the best stuff.


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