Monday, August 22, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Miriam: Sometimes I am slow to jump on bandwagons. One such example is the puffer vest. Perhaps it was vanity that previously saw me resist purchasing something that instantly adds two dress sizes to ones silhouete. But having had Becs preach the wonders of them to me for years, I caved this winter and purchased a Macpac puffer vest. And there´s been no looking back. From the moment of purchase, it became a wardrobe staple. When an item of clothing can be so snug and warm, who cares what one looks like. The puffer has proved invaluable in South America. Folding up into a little bag (like the kind sleeping bags come with) it takes up next to no room; not that it´s often packed away. Instead, it´s been worn nearly every day, and was particularly useful while trekking in the Andes where the temperatures were often below zero. Here´s a photo of Lewi and me in our puffer glory. Although at this stage I only own a vest, I am contemplating adding the sleeved variety to my wardrobe also.

Libby: I've often bought these beautiful Bohemien chocolates as gifts for work-related purposes - you can go to one of their stores (Hataitai or CBD) and choose them one-by-one or look online and email your request. Such a lovely product and so elegantly presented they are always well received. A perfect little gift to give... or just keep and eat yourself! On Saturday I chose a little selection to bring home and share. These chocolates are delicious! So fresh, with gorgeous fillings and that perfect "snap" when you bite into them. You don't have to buy a full box - you can just buy a single chocolate if that's all you feel like. But trust me you won't want to stop at one!

Becs: I spent yesterday reorganising some of the stacks of books and magazines that seem to pile up on my desk, with the help of this new pine cube shelf from Target. I have purchased some plywood beer crates from Trademe to put in the bottom cubes to contain more of the messier 'stuff'. Never could I be called a minimalist...I will enjoy my serene workspace while it lasts!


  1. Shelving unit looks great, as do the beer crates. And Libby, the chocolates sounds lovely! XX

  2. Well you know how i feel about puffy clothing! At least they make arms and legs look thin in comparison :) My serenity was shattered moments afetr Daisy awoke and wreaked havoc on xshelf...Becs

  3. Miriam - you & Lewi look resplendent in all your puffer glory! I have recently jumped on the bandwagon too and love mine!

    Becs - love those crates, we are going to get some for our beer! About to lay down brew number two.


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