Monday, August 1, 2011

A few of our favourite things...

Becs: I have long enjoyed Moutere Gold's preserves - they truly seem homemade. Theirs are contemporary but delicious fruit combinations, rather than the wacky flavours that some preserve makers seem set on. Until recently I have only seen their products in specialty stores, but was pleasantly surprised to see this divine blackcurrant and vanilla bean jam at Merivale Fresh Choice supermarket for around $7. The only occasion I eat jam is when it is on a freshly baked scone with cream, and this one did an admirable job - I just loved it.

Libby: Mum came up to Wellington for a short visit last week so I took an afternoon off work and we went to one of my favourite cafes for lunch: Nikau. It has a short, simple menu and everything on it sounds delicious. A lady at the next table had the sage eggs I'd watched the chef Kelda make with Julie Le Clerc on Cafe Secrets. They looked ever better than on television so I went with those. I always like to have a good nosy at what other diners have in front of them to help me decide what to order!


  1. There aren't many good shop bought preserves so I will keep this one in mind. I actually got around to making grapefruit marmalade this week but even though I love it I don't eat much of it and it often ends up in some form of baking.

  2. Ooh, good, my husband promised to take me to Nikau for brunch this weekend! Pleased to hear such a nice review!


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