Monday, August 8, 2011

A few of our favourite things

Libby: My favourite baguettes in Wellington come from Le Moulin Bakery. Le Moulin is located in an awkward one-way part of Willis Street and I don't often find myself walking past these days so I was delighted to find their baguettes can be bought from Dunshea's Deli (a delight in itself) only 20 minutes walk away. These baguettes have a deliciously crispy, almost flaky crust and a soft, slightly chewy crumb. Most importantly, these baguettes are easy to eat. Perhaps a little too easy... this one was enjoyed for breakfast with butter and raspberry jam.

Becs: I am currently addicted to this amazing cannellini bean dip and have made it several times in the last week alone.  I found the original recipe a little heavy on the evoo and garlic so added another tin of beans to 'dilute' it which was perfect as it also made more for me to eat! So I suggest you play around to suit yourself. I have also successfully added a dollop of greek yoghurt which adds a nice tang to it.  It is SO delicous on crisp little crackers or sliced carrots, and incredibly moreish.

Daisy has recently been introduced to the joys of homemade playdough,  an activity she took very seriously indeed!


  1. Libby: I used to live in the apartments above the Moulin bakery. The smell was amazing, and I think I spent more there than I should have....if it wasn't for the crowds on Sunday mornings, I would definitetly have popped down in my pjs!

  2. Emma: What a great location. I would have been down there every day for pastries for breakfast! I think its a good thing there's a 20 minute walk between me and these baguettes!

  3. Now we have a 20 minute drive it keeps things a bit more seemly. It was a great introduction to living in a big city by myself though...the finest french pastries on my doorstep! I think Miriam may have visited me there too once!

  4. Us too! Except we were next door, fortunately for my waistline only for three months but I still managed to pack away plenty of bread and pastry. Nothing like the smell of pastry wafting through the window to wake you up...


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