Monday, April 26, 2010

instant 'ice cream'

A few weeks ago Miriam posted about the delicious banana ice cream sold at the Rotorua night market. The other day Libby came across this website that shows how to make the same instant ice cream at home using a food processor. Intrigued (and admittedly, slightly unconvinced) we made a batch immediately, as I had some sliced banana in the freezer ready for a spontaneous smoothie fix.
The 'recipe' couldn't be easier. Just slice up a bunch of ripe bananas, put them into the freezer for a couple of hours, then into the food processor for a minute or two, which will result in the dramatic transformation into this...

Super creamy, instant, and oh-so-delicious banana 'ice cream'. If you own a food processor this is a must try, I shall definitely be buying some ripe bananas to slice and freeze to ensure that banana ice cream is never more than a few minutes away. I think it would also be really nice with frozen berries blended in too....or chocolate or caramel sauce swirled through...

(Perhaps I am stating the obvious here but it's rather essential to ensure your bananas are not frozen solidly, as in this state they resemble bullets and your food processor will not appreciate it - I partially defrosted the prefrozen banana in the microwave for about a minute...after initially and unsuccessfully attempting to process them!)

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  1. This was sooo good! It would be even better with caramel sauce.


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