Monday, April 5, 2010

a few of our favourite things...

Libby: I was pleased when Miriam told me about these reusable coffee cups ('keepcups') late last year...having looked for something similar for years. Simple, stylish and SMALL. Finally someone has designed one that is not super ugly with a big chunky handle, garish colours and a capacity of approx 1L! Some coffee places like Peoples Coffee in Wellington sell branded versions and offer a discount off takeaway coffee when they are used.

Miriam: I love passionfruit... I love the taste, texture and colour. But I also love the name. I've long been a fan of the word pash and try to use the word whenever it's socially acceptable to do so! This passionfruit is presented on another of my favourite things, a 1920's Royal Doulton 'Maori Art' hand painted plate - which David sourced from ebay.

Becs: Mercato is a food store in Fitzgerald Ave in Christchurch that sells lots of the artisan products imported by Sabato, as well as lovely NZ made food products. I was in there the other day getting some coffee beans, when I noticed they now sell deli sandwiches. For just $5.50 you get a Rachel Scott ciabatta roll filled with your choice of meat and cheese from the deli counters (all beautiful, mostly imported from Italy), Provisions chutney and salad greens. We tried the combinations of prosciutto and taleggio/brie de meaux, and salami milano with smoked provolone - delicious! What a great starting point for a picnic.


  1. I do love - Libby's highlighting of the use of 'reusable' cups for takeaway coffee (Well done Peoples Coffee, Wellington), Miriam's passion, and Becs introducing us to Rachel Scotts bread. Thank you.

  2. I do love - Kathy's lovely wee comments on our blog. Thank you!


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