Monday, October 31, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Libby: Last week was a good week for me and fruit tarts. I managed to visit two of my favourite bakeries: Central Baking Depot in Sydney (little sister of Bourke Street Bakery and Silo in Canberra thanks to a work trip. The tart from Central Baking Depot was a barberry & fig frangipane creation with beautifully flaky pastry. It was my first experience of barberries and I found they tasted like sharp blackcurrants. The tart from Silo was a classic custard & passionfruit tart with short pastry. If you ever find yourself in Canberra, seek out the Silo bakery in Kingston (near the government part of town) this delightful bakery will change your opinion of Canberra and make you think of the city in a more favourable light.

Miriam: There's a particularly overgrown area of Jasmine just near my house. Having recently been informed that Jasmine is in fact a weed, I feel no guilt when I help myself to a few sprigs. They look so pretty in a jar on the windowsill and their a lovely scent fills the house. It's nice to know I'm doing my bit to help control this weed!

Becs:  They are not the most glamourous ingredient but inned beans are such a useful pantry staple. I continue to make this delicious cannellini bean dip, and hummus a fair bit as Daisy enjoys them both. Chickpeas are going  into summer salads too and I just love a tasty Mexican-style bean dip. We get through a fair few, so to save constant restocking at the supermarket a visit was paid to Med Foods to bulk buy trays of chickpeas, cannellini and red kidney beans.  I know it is much cheaper to soak and cook dried ones but the convenience of the tinned ones does it for me.


  1. Oh my lordy, am def going to give Central baking depot a visit when I'm in Sydney. Thanks for the heads up - am drooling over their list of sandwiches too.

    Becs I think I'll be following your lead with the canned beans next year when I'll hopefully have my own kitchen :) Think I'll be eating a lot healthier too when beans and chickpeas are as convenient as cheese and eggs.

  2. I eat lots of italian canned beans too, yes definitely a pantry essential!

    I had to remove all the jasmine plants from my Waitakere property, it took a while and it was hard, which I guess it means that it is really a weed :-).

    I have a honey giveaway on my blog now, if you are interested, all of you can enter for a chance to win, and your friends too (don't need to be a blogger :-).


  3. I love canned beans too, but since getting an electric pressure cooker find myself buying dried a lot more as they are so much cheaper and dont need soaking before cooking under pressure. I still keep a couple of back up cans though.


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