Monday, October 3, 2011

a few of our favourite things

Miriam: I love this dinner for a slightly more healthy version of unhealthy corn chip based nachos. These ones have homemade tortillas chips, a spicy bean and mince mixture, avocado, sour cream and lots of cheese. Lewi, Jane and I sat round the coffee table and ate this for dinner straight from the pizza stone. For a more precise recipe for this, see Sarah's vegetarian version here.

Becs: I am a big fan of Kings Seeds in Katikati. They sell an impressive array of fruit and vege seeds, lots of them being heirloom or organic, as well as flora and fauna. You order your selection via their website (they also send out thick catalogues that are great to browse through, the variety of weird and wonderful vegetables will amaze you) and a courier drops them off a couple of days later. I can never get through a full pack of seeds before they reach their expiry date, so if you want to share some of mine just leave a comment on this post and I will send out one reader a seed selection!

Libby: Cookbooks are about the only books I buy these days. I think of them as "reference books" and to me, they hold so much more value than novels that I'd read once and pass on. My Abuela's Table by Daniella Germain is the latest addition to my cookbook collection and it's easily the most beautifully illustrated cookbook on my shelf. It's a collection of recipes from the author's Mexican grandmother all accompanied by the cutest hand drawn illustrations. This book makes me want to have my own little Mexican fiesta, complete with home made corn tortillas and tamales (if I can figure out where to get banana leaves in Wellington!)


  1. Oh Becs I will invite you when we next have a seed swap on campus! It's not all student either don't worry :) I love Kings Seeds too, but yes I do find the packets have far more seeds than a home gardener would ever use. Wish they had the option of buying half-size packs!

  2. Mmmm don't start me on cookbooks I have a serious addiction to them. So bad the shelf in my double wardrobe is jammed packed with them. I so love them!!. I also love the kings seeds I brought a few packs recently as I love the different veges as I am a vegetarian and always on the look out for something different.

  3. I love seeds and am always looking for people to share them with.

  4. ....have gone and purchased some corn tortillas and will make some tonight. Yum!

  5. Libby, that cookbook looks so pretty! Have to hold myself back from buying ALL the cookbooks (the fact that so many are super-expensive helps with that) there's so many good-looking ones these days.


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