Sunday, May 2, 2010

scones with jam & cream

Lemonade scones must be one of the easiest baked goods to make; just 4 ingredients are required to produce these delicate light scones. I made these scones for Sunday morning tea which we enjoyed with jam & cream while sitting outside basking in the autumn sunshine. Well actually I enjoyed my scone with cream & jam, while everyone else had them with jam & cream, which sparked a bit of a debate, jam first or cream? My rationale (which I think came from mum) is that cream is like butter so should go on the bottom, Jane & Lewi think as jam is heavier it belongs on the bottom. Any thoughts?


  1. I sometimes put the jam and cream side-by-side! It's a tricky one, but I think I agree with the rationale that the cream is like the butter.

  2. I always make our own jams and towards the end of the year they become in rather short supply and are always very valuable in our household. I am most gratefully for a fatty layer beneath the jam because it means the jam stays on top and one uses less jam. On the otherhand, husband GP, does not have butter (fat) on bread or scones and 'requires' loads more jam as it 'disappears' as it soaks into the porous 'piece'. Thus GP argues that he can legitimately consume twice as much jam as anyone else! Oh for a fatty layer!!!!!


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