Monday, May 24, 2010

A few of our favourite things...

Libby: A treat from the French Baker used to require a trip over the hill to Greytown but now he's selling his breads and pastries on Sunday mornings at the City Market making them much easier to get hold of... perhaps a little too easy! It's impossible to leave the market without stopping by the French Baker and picking up a wee treat to take home and share. I was tempted by the delicious brown sugar brioche I'd tried before but decided to try something new and went with this almond pain au chocolat... yum!

Becs: Something I love but don't often make is bread sauce. I was introduced to it in London ten years ago when I spent my Christmas holidays working as a private cook in a very traditional English household. It is perhaps the least photogenic of foods, but is utterly delicious with roast chicken which we ate on Saturday night. To make it you heat half a litre of milk with a peeled, halved onion 'studded' with about 6 cloves, a couple of peppercorns and a bay leaf. Once it comes to the boil take off the heat and leave to steep for as many hours/minutes as you have. Then strain it, adding a few large handfuls of fresh breadcrumbs to soak up the lovely infused milk and salt to taste. Crunchy roast potatoes are also perfect dipped into bread sauce...this starch with starch combination must be the pinnacle of comfort food.

Miriam: It must be a reflection of the colder weather of late that both Becs and I have chosen warm comfort food as our 'favourite thing' this week. Sunday was pretty cold and gloomy in Auckland so the girls and I decided that was justification enough to have pies for lunch. The Fridge in Kingsland is renowned for its pies and they didn't disappoint. I enjoyed this moroccan lamb pie with lovely flaky pastry and a delicious filling of apricots, carrots and big pieces of slow cooked lamb. I always appreciate when you can decipher what's in your pie!

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