Monday, May 3, 2010

A few of our favourite things...

Daisy has been enjoying munching on new season's apples with the help of her new 'Veggie Nibbler' - a very clever little invention that lets wee ones chew on fruit and veges safely tucked away in a net.

Miriam: After 4 months in storage, I finally have retrieved my belongings and moved into a lovely wee bungalow in Kingsland. Being reunited with my possessions felt like Christmas - I have rediscovered so many treasures. One of my favourite things is this painting given to my by my good friend, artist Bridget Spencer. It now takes pride of place above the fireplace.

Becs: I love anything pastry and/or custard-related, and these 'beestings' from one of the baking stalls at the Christchurch Farmers Market are a real favourite. The dough is similar to a doughnut, and it is baked with a crunchy, almondy frangipane-style topping, and filled with the most delicious creme patisserie. There is not too much dough, providing a perfect ratio to the custard filling. They are enormous, so a quarter is plenty but a half is also easily managed! The beestings appear at the market on a rather haphazard basis, which perhaps makes me like them even more...

Libby: There are lots of cheap Malaysian restaurants in Wellington but my favourite is Roti Chenai. I visit reasonably regularly but only ever order one of two things - chicken chilli masala or chicken dosai because they are what Roti Chenai does best. On my most recent visit I ordered the chicken dosai - a crispy rice flour pancake filled with spiced chicken and served with a side of curry (or dahl if you choose) and a couple of condiments (I've never figured out exactly what they are). I noticed they'd given the place a bit of a makeover with a new counter area studded with brightly coloured gemstones but you don't go to Roti Chenai for the decor (interesting as it is), you go for the food!


  1. What an interesting ecletic mix of your favourite things for the week. Wonderful photography too. Why is the bready custard pastry called a beesting?

  2. I really enjoy these "favourite things" posts!

    I haven't been to Roti Chenai in years but I really must go again soon - I'm a big fan of dosai. And I've heard (haven't been there recently enough to remember) that they do a good banana roti too.

  3. Oh how I miss Roti Chenai on a friday night! I must book a trip to Wellington to visit you soon Libby x


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